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Timeless Elegance with Aurland's Bags

Among the joys of modern shopping there is something that entices towards the timeless, the classic and the enduring.

Aurland's bags, a branch of the renowned shoe factory in Aurland, encapsulates this timeless charm with its range of handmade leather bags that resonate with Norwegian heritage and sustainability.

For the sophisticated consumer who seeks more than just a product, Aurlandsveskene presents a gateway to the seamless blend of history and modern design, masterfully woven into every seam and fold.

In this article we look at some of the bags we make here along the fjord, to help you find the right one!

A legacy of leather

At their core, the bags are an extension of Aurland Skofabrikk's deeply rooted heritage in leather craftsmanship. Our brand, which operates from the beautiful fjord village of Aurland, is synonymous with quality, precision and the finesse that only generations of shoemakers can achieve.

The leather used is of high quality, sourced from Europe and dyed with natural essences that imbue each product with a clear touch of sustainability. Aurlands' steadfast adherence to traditional techniques harmonizes with a modern outlook, and bags that are more than just accessories - they are heirlooms in the making, and your new best friend in everyday life.

Models for every occasion

Among our bags you will find a wide selection of styles and sizes, and something for every occasion.

With an understated, classic look, the bags blend seamlessly with any style, whether it's the casual elegance of a tote bag, the stylish appeal of a shoulder bag or the stately presence of a bag packed for the weekend.

The Aurlands collection is about more than just variety; it's about capturing the essence of different lifestyles.

For the professional who juggles work and life, the Elvi office bag stands as proof of practicality and elegance. The Fjord Tote is a timeless favourite, embodying versatility and convenience, transitioning easily from a day at the office to a night out.

The Aften shoulder bag is the very symbol of balance that accompanies you through your meetings and travels, discreet but still important. And for those afflicted with wanderlust, our Dalen Weekender is a good companion.

Other styles worth pointing out include Fjell og Foss (both tote bags), Vetla (shoulder bag) and the Kvardag bag.

Inspired by Norway

You may have noticed that the names of each of these bags are quite unique. They are all inspired by Norwegian words and names, and especially words found in the nature around us here at the fjord.

Navigate between bestsellers and new arrivals

Among our bags you will not only find best sellers that have stood the test of time, but also new profiles that resonate with the contemporary pulse.

Fjord and its zippered counterpart, Fjell , continue to captivate with their classic designs, while newer entrants such as Elvi and Dalen exude a fresh charm that meets today's needs without sacrificing style.

With each new model, the thread of Aurland's history grows, and weaves in the ambitions and wishes of a new generation. This synergy between tradition and innovation is where Aurlands finds its "sweet spot".

Make your bags last

Don't forget to take good care of your Aurlands bags (and shoes ). The leather ages naturally because we use organic tannins for dyeing. This gives it a unique look that is different from chrome leather.

It's about mixing comfort, style, tradition and a bit of uniqueness into one. To keep your bags looking great and timeless, you need to keep them clean, use leather grease and treat them with love.

In conclusion, Aurlands has moved far beyond the shoes that made us famous. Although the Aurland shoes are still an integral and important part of our production, the bags are becoming a story in themselves.

Whether you're looking for the perfect office bag or new party accessories - the bags we make here by the fjords will turn heads.

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