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Buxton VS Wangen

The Aurland shoe is a "loafer", i.e. a shoe without laces, zips or the like. The originator behind Aurlandskoen is Nils Tveranger, who drew inspiration from the Indian moccasins of the Iroquois people, while at the same time he was inspired by the Tese shoes of the "indigenous people in Norway". Please read more about the story.


What is the difference between the models?

Buxton – Our updated Penny Loafer
The model Buxton was launched in 2019, and goes back to the look Aurlandskoen had in the 1930s - an elegant moccasin. The model is adapted to slightly narrower feet than our model Wangen. The shoe is well built and has support from toe to heel. A sponge has also been inserted into the sole to provide good shock absorption. 

Wangen – The classic model

The Wangen model is the one most people associate with the "Aurland shoe" and is seen as the factory's heritage. The shoe is built with extra support throughout, and has a flat insole.

Why does one cost more than the other?

Buxton and Wangen are priced differently, this is due to the construction and work of the shoes themselves. The model Buxton is built with more support, and has a sole with support from toe to heel which is sewn on with a thread. The Wangen model is built with support on the heel, and the sole itself is glued on.


Construction of the shoe



Extra support inside 

Toe - whole


Thickness of leather 

1.8 – 2.2 mm

1.8 – 2.4 mm

Insole with sponge 

Basket support under foot


Leather sole material 

Real leather 

Real leather 

Rubber sole material 

Rubber with whole

Rubber without whole

How the sole is adapted 

Sew on with thread

Glued on

Suitable for type of foot



Normal foot 



Narrow foot 


Awarded suitable

 Wide foot

Awarded suitable



Slightly high instep

High instep

Extra wide foot

Not suitable

Can be ordered from str. 42





35-47 EUR

34.5-48 EUR


«True to size»

1/2 or 1 size larger than EUR


Full sizes

Half and full sizes