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About us

Our products are designed and manufactured in the small fjord village of Aurland, deep in the Sognefjord. Aurland is in many contexts called "The Shoemaking Capital of Norway" as we are the only manufacturer of shoes produced in Norway. Our small shoe factory is located between the fjord and the mountains in the center of Aurland, a small village in Western Norway. The factory has a long history, and this is where all our products are designed and manufactured by hand SIMON, Andrée and Roger. They all have extensive experience in making products from leather, and a common factor they are all concerned with is a focus on quality. 
The leather used on our products comes from Sepici, which is an environmentally certified leather manufacturer from Turkey. The leather comes from cattle, which means that the products are durable, of high quality and last a long time.
Our products go through a number of processes from a large piece of leather to the finished product. The leather must, among other things, be punched out, spooned, sewn in several rounds on different machines, shaped and glued.
If you would like to learn more about production and how our products are made, please visit our factory in Aurland. Here you can get a guided tour via our audio guide or a personal one of the public of our employees