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Maintenance of Aurland shoes, bags and belts

Nappa / Smooth leather


If the shoes should get wet after a rainy day, it is important to remember that leather should dry at room temperature. 

If they are dried at a high temperature (on heating cables etc.) there is a risk that the skin will contract and become dry and stiff. 

Maintenance of products in plain smooth leather: We recommend Aurland shoes own leather grease which is color neutral and silicone free. 

Clean the product with a damp, soft cotton cloth and allow to dry at room temperature. Then apply a thin layer leather grease with a soft cotton cloth, soft shoe brush or hand directly. Let it soak for a couple of hours and dry end possibly of excess leather grease. 

Nubuck / suede

Maintenance of products in nubuck (suede) leather: For that nubuck leather should stick soft and fine, it requires regular treatment with impregnation spray specially adapted skin off nubuck quality. We recommend «Aquastop» from Gala. Leather grease or shoe polish is suitable do not wear nubuck shine. 

Clean the shoe with a shoe brush with a brass bristle especially for nubuck shine. This removes dust and dirt at the same time as it rips up the surface of the leather, and it regains its distinctive character nubuck surface. 

Be a little careful with the shoe brush on the seams. Then spray with impregnation spray and allow to dry. 

Varnish leather

For varnish leather to stay nice it requires regular treatment with cream specially adapted to varnish leather. We recommend «Cream Jelly»From Gala. 

Clean the product with a damp, soft cotton cloth. Allow to dry at room temperature. Apply a thin layer of the cream either with the accompanying sponge or a soft cotton cloth. Let cream soak in. Then wipe off any excess cream. 

Vegetable leather

The bags are made of high-quality vegetable-colored leather, with material from Europe. The leather is colored with natural ingredients such as walnut wood, what arm wood and mimosa bark. 

The leather gets a natural aging process due to the natural tannins used in the coloring process. This makes the leather unique and unlike chrome leather. It combines comfort, appearance, fashion and tradition, uniqueness and variation in the same product .. 
Keep your products clean, rub them in with fat and treat them with love, then they will last a long time.